"Are you a contract trainer who receives excellent
evaluations from your seminar attendees, but they rarely BUY anything from you? If you are ready to convert those evaluations into a STAMPEDE of product orders,
this 1½ day event is for YOU!"


The Mr. Lifestyle Experience™ takes place
on March 29-30, 2014 in Pensacola, FL at the Hyatt Place Airport Hotel

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Okay, Who is this Mr. Lifestyle guy?

Hey, I am Jaime Swindell (a.k.a. “Mr. Lifestyle”) and I am very fortunate to be one of the highest paid speakers in the unique field of “Contract Training”. However, it wasn’t always that way… 

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA where on many occasions, I’ve witnessed innocent people get beat up, shot at, and robbed.  The impact of these events left me deathly afraid of people.  I believed everyone was out to get me; therefore, I desired to find a stable profession in which I could have limited exposure to people.  This led me to become an Electrical Engineer with one of the top pharmaceutical companies. 

After growing very tired of dealing with the limitations and politics of Corporate America, I resigned and launched my speaking and training company.  Initially, I spoke in high schools across Philadelphia encouraging kids to find their passion and become entrepreneurs as an alternative to getting involved with Corporate America.  Due to the success of my program, I was introduced to the niche field of contract training.  After surviving the intense audition process, I was blessed to create a relationship with one of the Big 3 seminar companies.

Like most good speakers and trainers, the first objective was easy for me to accomplish.  However, my lack of sales experience caused me to struggle desperately with the second objective.  I couldn’t even give away these world-class resources for FREE!  My first year in contract training was a complete disaster which resulted in the seminar company limiting the amount of business they did with me. My net income was less than minimum wage!

My second year I decided to stop playing games and get serious about succeeding in my new career.  I hired a very expensive sales coach, I read numerous books, and I attended many high-end seminars across North America on topics like sales, influence, NLP, persuasion, hypnosis, covert conversations, effective story-telling, etc.  In addition to the enormous investment I made, the bigger problem was many of the new strategies I learned did not directly apply to the very unique field of contract training.  There is a tremendous difference between selling a product you have personally created and selling someone else’s product!!! 

Over the next five years, I painstakingly examined and tested every single strategy I learned and either figured out an effective way to apply it to contract training or I discarded it.   The result is I created a simple, step-by-step, duplicatable system that cracked the code on how to succeed wildly as a contract trainer. 

I went from earning less than minimum wage my first year and traveling 3-4 weeks per month to clearing six-figures annually by my fifth year while only traveling one week per month.   What’s more important is that I’ve coached others to produce similar results!

To celebrate my 11 prosperous years in contract training, I’ve decided to give back by creating a powerful 1 ½ day sales training called “The Mr. Lifestyle Experience”.  This event is guaranteed to help even more trainers create the success we desire!  It will take place on March 29-30 in sunny Pensacola, Florida where you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! 

"In July, I hired Jaime to help me improve the quality of my training and increase my sales closing ratio. For six months, he rigorously worked with me on what to say, what NOT to say and the best way to persuade people to do what they really want to do anyway. Let my numbers show the effectiveness of Jaime's coaching: In March when I started teaching OSHA, my average sales per person was only $15 to $30...

By December, my average sales per person was $50 to $75! I highly recommend Jaime to help you reach your potential."  – LaDeana Wilke, Cincinnati, Ohio

Here Are 7 Undeniable Reasons to Attend This Event:

  • Learn from someone who has been there, done that, and is STILL doing it!
    Although some sales trainers and coaches may give good “keynote” presentations, most have never made real money in contract training.  Plus, selling a seminar company’s product is MUCH harder than selling your own products.  I’ve been blessed to earn the top salesman award three years in a row with my seminar company and have also helped others earn top sales awards!
  • Walk away with a practical and systematic approach to being more persuasive, selling more and increasing your income.  
    I have literally spent years figuring out how to apply proven persuasion and influencing strategies in our unique world of contract training.  I’ve done all of hard work for you!  Plus, the strategies I teach you will work in ALL seminar companies and with any product (or service).
    Important: This is an intense sales training and is NOT about saving the whales, singing “Kumbaya” or getting standing ovations.
  • All training will be done by me and not by those who are “trying” to be successful.
    There’s nothing more frustrating than learning something from someone who’s only been doing it two days longer than you and with only marginally better results.  The fastest way to become a champion is to learn from a champion!
  • This live event will be an unforgettable “experience” that’s impossible to duplicate via a recording, conference call or webinar.
    Throughout the weekend, I will ask for volunteers to modify and deliver sections of their seminar incorporating some of the new strategies learned.  These volunteers will receive on-the-spot laser coaching that’s designed to reveal blind spots and catapult their results!  Most trainers unknowingly kill the sale with incongruent body language and other destructive non-conscious movements.
  • This event is open to contract trainers of ALL seminar companies.
    Here’s a chance to connect and collaborate with other trainers whom you may never meet otherwise and their insights may create an explosion in your results due to their fresh or different perspective.  You may also finally meet people you’ve only known online through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Due to the compressed schedule, you can still do seminars the week before and after this event.
    Submit a special travel request to your contract training company NOW asking to be flown into Pensacola, FL immediately after your seminar on March 28 and departing after 2 pm on Sunday, March 30.  If possible, consider staying a few extra days before or after this event to enjoy the area.   Experience the white sand beaches of the Florida Emerald Coast which many view as some of the best in the world.  Bring a loved one and turn this business trip into a vacation! 
  • This event was 10 years in the making, there may not be another one for a very, very long time…
    If you plan to miss this event, begin kicking yourself in your asset right now!

This weekend, you will learn and experience how to:

Create a sales “stampede” in your seminar room (this is SO much fun and profitable!)  

“Within 6 months of hiring Jaime as my coach, I went from selling $10 per person to over $50 per person.  Now, my income has increased from $30,000/yr. to over six figures!” – John Ryan

”Thanks to Jaime’s proven success system, I am now the #1 trainer in the two topics I teach and making money!”
– Roz Harris

“Jaime taught me how to be authentic and use my past bad experiences to connect with the audience and make more money!” – Travis Brown

“Through working with Jaime as my coach, I’ve increased my back of the room commission by 60-70%.”– Dan Griffin

“Due to Jaime’s coaching, my Square card reader was on fire processing product orders!” – Mercedes Miller

Increase your closing rate from the front of the room by at least 25%
Get the buyers in your seminar to buy “more”
Setup the seminar room in a way that leads to subconscious sales
Construct a new belief system and confidence concerning sales
Develop a powerful personal introduction
Use certain words and phrases to put your audience into a slightly hypnotic state which causes them to be more open to learn and to invest
Create high quality content that is designed to both educate and sell simultaneously
Create a persuasive package of top notch resources (aka “the speaker pack”)
Deliver a smooth resource invitation (aka “the product offer”)
Sell THOUSANDS of dollars of product without ever sounding “salesy”
Avoid the 7 mistakes that will put you out of business
And much, much more…

The Mr. Lifestyle Experience™ takes place
on March 29-30, 2014 in Pensacola, FL at the Hyatt Place Airport Hotel

For Frequently Asked Questions Click Here or Call (850) 296-0888   

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